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Lets help them !!!

We are very sadened for the news of what happend over the weekend in Olando FL.

We sympathize with the family of the victims, and as citizens we believe we should help as best as we can. If you are able to donate to help the family with the medical and funeral bill for the over 100's of this tragic situationd, it would be of great help. Equality Florida is traying to raize the founds at


Also if you can't help financialy, they are requiring blood donors for the ones hospitalyzed. Supplies also are welcome, such as energy drinks snaks and water for thos who are donating. More information can be found here :


Lets keep the victims and family in our prayers, lets show our support in this sad moment!



What's New in SharePoint 2016?

Microsoft’s SharePoint is one of the top platforms for content sharing and collaborative projects, and the latest release for 2016 includes more features that further facilitate file sharing. Here are some of the most notable additions to SharePoint:

Increased Compatibility with Office 365: Although a true SharePoint and Office 365 hybrid is not yet available, SharePoint now works more seamlessly with Office 365. For instance, when you click on OneDrive from SharePoint, you now are redirected directly to the Office 365 My Site instead of the On-Premises folder. The sites you follow both On-Premises and on My Site are also combined to reduce confusion, and the Cloud Search now scours both locations as well.

Better Uploading Capabilities: Although SharePoint isn’t designed for the purpose of storing large files, it didn’t prevent users from sharing large files. Previously, SharePoint was limited to uploads of 2GB and below. Now, the limit has been lifted with a suggestion to keep files below 10 GB for fast upload times.

New Compliance Center: With the new Compliance Center in SharePoint, you can automate a lot of your file cleanup. From a user-friendly interface, users can set rules for deleting certain types of files and easily manage permissions and exceptions. This gives users more control over data organization and keeps only pertinent files in storage.

Touch-Friendly Interface: with the increase in remote collaboration on projects using devices like tablets and smartphones, the addition of a touch-friendly interface was a vital one for SharePoint’s ease of use. This eliminates, or at least reduces, awkward fumbling to share content with collaborators when on the go and saves significant amounts of time.

Automated Indexed Columns: While users could have up to 30,000,000 documents saved on SharePoint, they were limited to viewing up to 5,000 of them without the technical know-how to index columns. SharePoint now automatically indexes the data within the Document Library to keep the system running smoothly and documents organized. The automated indexing also makes searching within your Document Library faster with more accurate results.

More additions to SharePoint 2016 are available in this list here. (


Windows 10 Free Upgrade Is Ending on July 29, 2016

With the release of its latest operating system, Windows 10, Microsoft has offered a free time-limited upgrade for its Windows 8.1 users. Many have made the change; however, for those who have not yet made that decision, the offer expires on July 29th, 2016. Overall, reviews of the new operating system have been positive in comparison with its predecessor Windows 8.1. And after July 29th, users wanting to upgrade to windows 10 will have to pay to do so.

What people have been raving about is mainly the seamless switch from a difficult-to-use platform like Windows 8.1 to the new 10. Microsoft listened to its users and restored an extremely popular feature, namely the Start button/menu which brings back the familiarity of the operating system.

Windows 10 not only brings back valued features, it also offers new capabilities that make it easier for less technically inclined users to use a computer, broadening its user appeal. Also, Windows 10 brought the use of Cortana, the assistant, simulating Apple’s Siri. Ask Cortana anything, and it will do its best to provide the desired answer or at least browse the web and display the results.

In addition, Microsoft’s new operating system features the updated browser Edge, which replaces the outdated Internet Explorer.

For users with assistive technologies, Microsoft has announced that the free upgrade will not be affected by the July 29th deadline and that they will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 well after that date.

Microsoft has also confirmed that there will be neither a subscription nor update fees following the upgrade. Free updates and support will be available to all Windows 10 users, regardless of the installation date. However, Microsoft has not yet revealed the cost of the upgrade after the deadline, although experts speculate it will be comparable to the price of Windows 8.


News Bytes


* Apple has recently confirmed a potential bug in iTunes. The issue was detected by some users who reported some of their locally stored music files were missing. After a blogger publicly accused Apple of deliberately deleting user music and replacing those files with DRM-encumbered versions, Apple made an official statement, stating that Apple has investigated the problem and developed a more secure iTunes update that would hopefully solve the problem. Apple also stated that the deletions were unintentional and that the circumstances under which the files went missing could not be reproduced to resolve the ‘mystery.’ The update was released in late May, and it appears the extra safeguards have been effective in preserving iTunes music files.

* Following accusations of suppressing conservative political viewpoints on its Trending Topics, Facebook has revealed insights on the inner workings of this popular feature. The accusation of political bias came in the tech blog Gizmodo, which based its assertion on the views of a single anonymous Facebook user. Despite questionable research and reporting on the part of that blog, Facebook responded by publicizing its methods of choosing and displaying Trending Topics, which uses a computerized algorithm and real people efforts. According to the social media outlet’s Vice President of Global Operations Justin Osofsky, the guidelines for determining what topics are trending ensure there is no political or ideological bias and display only what is most popular. Furthermore, different users will see different results in their Trending Topics sections, based on their own preferences and interests as determined by their internet activity.

* Google has released a new Gboard application, which fuses search capabilities with a soft keyboard. The app is designed for iOS mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. It allows users to perform searches without exiting programs in use. This reduces much awkward toggling between programs and allows users to easily find information they need and integrate it into the target program on their devices. The keyboard supports glide typing, so users can quickly input search terms, and the results display as a small card that does not obscure the entire screen. If needed, users can copy and paste items from the search results into other open programs and then easily exit out of the search. These searches using the Gboard app are executed simply by pressing the letter “G” on the keyboard, which also supports gifs and emojis.


Question of the Month


Question: If I upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10, will I be able to downgrade if I change my mind?

Answer: Yes, you can revert to Windows 8 provided you performed an upgrade as opposed to a clean installation of Windows 10. There is a caveat to this, however. The downgrade option only lasts for a month. After that, Windows automatically deletes Previous Windows Installations files; the downgrade option also disappears if you ran Disk Cleanup since you upgraded. Provided neither of these things occurred, you can essentially try out Microsoft’s latest operating system with absolutely no risk. Just be aware that the free upgrade to Windows 10 will only last until July 29, 2016, so if you revert back to Windows 8 and later decide you want to settle on Windows 10 after that deadline, the upgrade will incur a fee.

To revert to Windows 8, apply the following steps: click on the Start button, an icon resembling a window at the bottom left corner of your screen. Then, select “Settings” and choose “Update & security” and then “Recovery.” An option to “Go back to Windows 8.1” should appear. Click on that, and Windows will guide you through the recovery process. Microsoft will also ask you why you have opted to revert to a previous operating system.

If your on-board copy of Windows 8 is no longer there, you can still downgrade if you have a copy of Windows 8 on disc or a USB storage device. Here, you must re-install your previous operating system as if it were a fresh install, but Windows will still walk you through the steps to do this. Just make sure you have your original product code.


Another Major Ransomware On the Loose: Locky


Ransomware, a virus that essentially holds a computer user’s data hostage for a monetary reward, isn’t a new threat. It is in fact, becoming more prevalent with an estimated 35% increase of attacks in the past year alone. One of the newest forms of this virus is known as Locky, which finds its way onto unsuspecting users’ devices through vulnerabilities in the Adobe Flash Player. This ransomware was detected by Trend Micro, and the type of operating system used seems to have little effect on risk. Locky has infiltrated systems through Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux.

Many of the Locky attacks, however, have affected Windows 10 users who are unknowingly using outdated versions of the Adobe Flash Player. Anyone running the or earlier versions of Flash is at risk of Locky taking over data and holding it hostage for payment. Therefore, the simplest way for people to protect themselves from this new ransomware is to ensure they are running the most recent version of Flash.

To do this, access Flash content within your browser and right click on it. Then, choose “About Adobe Flash Player” to view which version is being used. Alternatively, users can visit the Adobe website, which can automatically detect the installed version and also offer the option to upgrade to the most current one.

Locky ransomware isn’t just spread through Adobe Flash. It also can find its way onto systems through attachments in spam emails. In this case, the emails have most frequently been distributed through the same botnet responsible for sending out the online banking malware Dridex. While actual numbers for how many people have fallen prey to Locky infections are not public, security companies have revealed that the majority of the ransomware attacks have taken place in the United States, Japan, and France.

The amount demanded to remove Locky from affected devices is usually around $100, but security experts suggest not giving in to such demands. Instead, victims are advised to create a backup of files and seek help from your IT provider.

The best defense against such attacks; however, is in prevention. Regularly update your operating system and frequently used programs, never open suspicious emails, and only log in as an administrator on your computer system when and as long as you absolutely must to prevent hackers from intercepting your login credentials.




Our featured website for June uses technology to promote social change, encouraging users to act as the name suggests and “do something” to make the world a better place. It has a searchable database of volunteer opportunities to help connect good Samaritans with institutions in need of help. This isn’t the only way visitors to the website can discover ways to improve the community around them.

DoSomething also has tools to promote awareness of environmental issues. Although the website is designed to appeal to youth and young adults, its features are fresh and easy enough to use that anyone with a desire to help others can find a means to do so.


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